Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Those who are boycotting the elections

Seems that there are those who refuse to take part in such a "Hellenistic" excercise.

Sounds pretty daft to me on several counts.

First, chances are that in ancient Hellas, they (or I as well) wouldn't actually be a part of the process, as you had to be a member of the club to have your say.

Maybe more relevant is the fact that Israel's parliament is NOT the Sanhedrin, and not the Knesseth haGdola, so if you want an a fortiori קל וחומר argument, it'd be a mitzvah to vote so that there should be a female Prime Minister, just to emphasise the point. By the same measure, the religious affairs council מועצה הדתית in (say) Yeroham is also not the Sanhedrin, so why shouldn't a woman be part (after all they use the mikveh, check Kashrut and so on) ?

Third by not voting, they're giving a bonus to those who are part of the democratic process but don't feel part of the state (by the way, my wife told me a risque joke about why Dr Ahmed Tibi doesn't need the exit polls to know how people voted, but that's OffTopic)(remember what he's Doctor of - clue)

So, if you want to say phooey to the big stale parties, don't waste your vote, swallow the frog and vote רק green party.
You'll feel better for it afterwards.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why I'm using my vote constructively

If you want the full story, you can read it in English at


As for myself, it was the assassination of Itzhak Rabin z"l that tipped the scales. During the summer of hate in 1995 I'd been a bystander, not willing to support giving so much land to Arafat who was not capable of running anything approaching a responsible nation, but not wanting to associate with those who shirk army duty but scream "Rabin the traitor". After November 4th, I realized that the sidelines are no place to be. Exactly at that juncture, route 6 was on the planning stage right where I'd see it every day and right over an avocado plantation belonging to my kibbutz. That brought me out of my shell, and into the world of green activism, some deadly serious and some a bit more esoteric but no less serious. A bit of a criminal record followed (to be proud of) and then a quieter period while I married (at last!) and now that I have not just a nebulous next generation to worry about but (also) a very specific next generation of my own flesh and blood, and now I have to do something.

The army has done its bit in protecting the country, but the green movements play just as important a role because after all, what are we fighting for? This isn't a country that we're just passing through on the way from one exile to another, this is home. If there's still one thing that unites young and old, religious and secular, and Jew and Arab, it's love of the Land.

If we can't live in peace with our water, with our trees and with our animals, how can we ever even think about living in peace with each other and the other?

If we can't go to the beach because it's been stolen by property "developers", then what's the good of being able to fly to Turkey? If we can't have a bit of biodiversity near our homes because it's been paved over for roads and interchanges, what's the good in being able (those who are able financially and physically) to drive to the Galilee to see a bit of nature?

So, that's why I'll be voting for the future when I put my voting slip with the letters
in the envelope
Let the big parties fight among themselves, they'll do what they feel like whether they have a mandate or not, and give your voice to a party that "thinks outside the box".

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a thought (first of a few)

Just suppose the British National Health Service (NHS) produced a video/DVD about childbirth, intended for prospective parents. Now let's suppose that it was restricted to 18+ because of "adult" content.
Darn, there goes 3/4 of the audience.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All this started as a reply to a posting at


I replied he replied and so now I will put it here

Before I begin, if we are all sitting comfortably, I wish to emphasise that the subject of the original post is a decent guy doing the honourable thing and I am not being ironic, sarcastic or facetious about him.

From now on though I may be

So if we really want to take this to absurd limits, lets postulate that Bibi suggested to the Hamas that they should cause an escalation just before the elections, That would put the government in a quandary of not acting (bad) or acting and fouling-up (bad). The Hamas would have had every reason to agree (remember I said absurd) as if there is anyone they should be grateful its Bibi. After all his method of dealing with Arafat was let s give him his pocket money every month if he behaved well. If not, we give it to him in any case. Barak had the idea of showing the world that Arafat cannot be trusted if you try to relate to him as a responsible adult. See what that got him.

But all that is irresponsible conspiracy mongering, as the fact is that Hamas (which could and should have been a straightedge alternative to the corruption of the PLO Fatach) have also gone the wrong way.

Please let us not forget while the politicians politick that people on the ground are fighting this war, including from my kibbutz who got called up on Tzav-8 emergency call-up

As for the scenario I painted at the beginning that just goes to show that the line between theory and conspiracy theory is narrow and easily crossed. There is a phrase which says ein ladvar sof
אין לדבר סוף
Which means these things have no end, but if you say it ein ledaber sof ; it means cut down on the chin-wagging (colloquialisms rule OK)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Such a little bookworm

Another Sinai update:

When I get home it’s a knock-me-down hug then back he goes to Thumbelina or Little Red Riding Hood, before bed it’s Struwwelpeter, makes you wonder what dreams that brings on. Just found out by the way, that “Tales of Hoffman” is about a different Hoffman.
Very important is that he’s gentle with his books, not a page gets torn, I’m happy to report.
This weekend he’ll be 20….months.