Friday, March 20, 2009

A brief history of time

My record-buying started in 1971 (age 12 if you must...) with the release of George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord". For the next few years I advanced pretty steadily, via Golden Earring's "Radar Love", the Who (pretty precocious for a 13 year-old), the rise of T.Rex, Slade, followed by the coming of Queen, who I saw in Cheltenham town hall(!) on the tour for the release of "Queen II". Then, Punk came around, I stopped buying Queen's albums at the same stage that my baby sister started buying them. In short, I kept current from 1971 through 1980 when punk became new-wave, then I sort of got stuck in the '70's. By the mid '90's I was already heading back to the 60's with Grateful Dead, Neil Young (always relevant), Jimi, Led Zep and Zappa. Start of the the new millenium and I started on stuff that was older than me, like Oscar Peterson, Stan Getz, Miles, Bird and Elmore James then I sort of sidestepped to Lonnie Donnegan's "Frankie and Johnnie", and now my fave rave is the Goodman Orchestra from the late '30's (sing sing sing with a swing, one-o-clock jump, avalon). Really, with Gene Krupa on drums, Teddy Wilson on piano, can life ever get better?

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