Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reading the small print

while we've been using cloth diapers (nappies) at home, and for the first year in baby-house, the second year gan wouldn't let us use cloth and forced us to use polluting diposables. On our visit to England we found, and "fell in love with" eco-friendly disposables form "Boots". On our return home we just happened to see a flyer advertising eco-disposables and when we saw them we said looks familiar, indeed the same dispoables we liked so much are in fact Made in Israel and it even says so on the wrapper. You can even compost them (only the ones full of pee-pee, not kaki). They're also cheaper than regular disposibles
Here's a free plug for them, phone Michal on 050-2277234 or write her at echobaby(at)walla.com.
This has been a public service announcement.


Out and about (again)

We were up in the Galilee last weekend (end of Hannukah) and took part in an SPNI trip to Tel Yodfat. However the most enduring memory I'll keep will be at the end, when I was loading the car I peeked back into the Zimmer and there was a little blond angel perched on a chair, slurping away at his porridge, without a care in the world, apart from when he'll see his little kitten again.


remembrance weekend photo's

are on my flickr pages.

Matter of fact, the concept of photo's of men (usually), (usually) in uniform, layng wreaths doesn't cut it much any more, so next year I'll revise the concept.

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Friday, December 11, 2009