Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All this started as a reply to a posting at

I replied he replied and so now I will put it here

Before I begin, if we are all sitting comfortably, I wish to emphasise that the subject of the original post is a decent guy doing the honourable thing and I am not being ironic, sarcastic or facetious about him.

From now on though I may be

So if we really want to take this to absurd limits, lets postulate that Bibi suggested to the Hamas that they should cause an escalation just before the elections, That would put the government in a quandary of not acting (bad) or acting and fouling-up (bad). The Hamas would have had every reason to agree (remember I said absurd) as if there is anyone they should be grateful its Bibi. After all his method of dealing with Arafat was let s give him his pocket money every month if he behaved well. If not, we give it to him in any case. Barak had the idea of showing the world that Arafat cannot be trusted if you try to relate to him as a responsible adult. See what that got him.

But all that is irresponsible conspiracy mongering, as the fact is that Hamas (which could and should have been a straightedge alternative to the corruption of the PLO Fatach) have also gone the wrong way.

Please let us not forget while the politicians politick that people on the ground are fighting this war, including from my kibbutz who got called up on Tzav-8 emergency call-up

As for the scenario I painted at the beginning that just goes to show that the line between theory and conspiracy theory is narrow and easily crossed. There is a phrase which says ein ladvar sof
אין לדבר סוף
Which means these things have no end, but if you say it ein ledaber sof ; it means cut down on the chin-wagging (colloquialisms rule OK)


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