Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's happening again

and I don't mean dancing with a dwarf in the red room, it's far worse.

Last time it happened at least I had the excuse that it was the Flying Burrito Brothers (Gilded Palace of Sin). Actually no excuse needed for that.

This time it's Roll On (18 wheeler) by Alabama!

Yep folks it's country music season again, and I'm worried.


Anonymous J.P. said...

In a way I do agree, if in summer I see some of our locals do country line dancing I get sad.
Every country should stick to its traditions, about fifteen years we did have a start in shanty choirs, in my opinion these should stick to the coast or islands.

As for the music, do not know the right defenition where country stops and rock starts, in a past I used to be a fan of Poco, nowadays I do listen once and a while to Venice.

18 December, 2008 12:15  

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