Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Here's an update on the youngest T……...

Master Sinai T……. is continuing to put on weight at quite a pace. He doesn't really do very much at the moment, except eat (sort of), take a daily bath (my job) and go for a daily walk round the place (exaggerating again) (her job mostly). Even though, he has a fan-club, I call them the "Sinai-ettes".

His musical education is a varied matter. Benny Goodman is on the wrong pitch and so the one-o'clock jump is a guaranteed anti-relaxant at any hour of day or night, J.S. Bach's Brandenburg concerti get his attention, but for peace and coolness, there's nothing like the Grateful Dead! Yes, we have a dead-head in the house. So far, American Beauty and Workingman's Dead have proved reliable, so next up is Terrapin Station. Lovers' Rock style Gregory Isaacs doesn't phase him in the least (he went to U-Roy 4 months before emerging...)

Remember, he's only five weeks old, so don't expect him to jam down to Purple Haze quite yet.

He does his exercises every day before bath-time, I'm his personal trainer. He's really good at lifting head up past 45 degrees, pushes really hard with his legs against my palms, almost does press-ups but we help him with the leg-raises. Pretty soon he'll be rolling all the way over by himself, and that's when the fun really starts…

Apart from that, we have a confession to make – we're going against the stream and are using cloth diapers (nappies for you Brits) you know the kind you launder and hang out to dry. We stopped using disposables after 3 weeks, and I know how few trips I've had to make to the garbage bins since. Less landfill, less haulage of the diapers to the dump, in short we're doing our little bit for the planet. (and saving money!)

I'm not sure but I think he said "Daddy" but then again I thought that I heard that when he was 2 hours old as well.


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