Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Those who are boycotting the elections

Seems that there are those who refuse to take part in such a "Hellenistic" excercise.

Sounds pretty daft to me on several counts.

First, chances are that in ancient Hellas, they (or I as well) wouldn't actually be a part of the process, as you had to be a member of the club to have your say.

Maybe more relevant is the fact that Israel's parliament is NOT the Sanhedrin, and not the Knesseth haGdola, so if you want an a fortiori קל וחומר argument, it'd be a mitzvah to vote so that there should be a female Prime Minister, just to emphasise the point. By the same measure, the religious affairs council מועצה הדתית in (say) Yeroham is also not the Sanhedrin, so why shouldn't a woman be part (after all they use the mikveh, check Kashrut and so on) ?

Third by not voting, they're giving a bonus to those who are part of the democratic process but don't feel part of the state (by the way, my wife told me a risque joke about why Dr Ahmed Tibi doesn't need the exit polls to know how people voted, but that's OffTopic)(remember what he's Doctor of - clue)

So, if you want to say phooey to the big stale parties, don't waste your vote, swallow the frog and vote רק green party.
You'll feel better for it afterwards.


Blogger Ben-Yehudah said...


From my perspective, it's not Hellenist due to the Greek roots of Israeli deMOCKracy, but due to the Hellenists who are maintaining control over the government and governmental system.

I will voting primarily in an attempt to prevent an additional leftist or Arab enemy from entering the Kenesseth.

It may be Hellenist, but as it's the system we have currently, it is my duty to be involved with damage control, however futile that sometimes feels.

The minute things start going against the wishes of the Supreme Court, it just changes the rules. The same goes for the internal struggles of political parties.

They just change the rules. We've seen this already this go around in the Jewish Home Party and in the Likud.

01 February, 2009 05:04  
Blogger tronx013 said...

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03 March, 2009 15:13  

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