Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Just a thought (part 3)

Inspired by Gila's comment at the end of the comments section of one of Treppenwitz's postings.

Note - the following is satire (a fancy word for sarcasm)

Just suppose that WIZO, Hadassah and Amit women joined forces and invited Rosa Parks to get a lifetime achievement award. All went well, the plane had a tail-wind and arrived a whole 3 hours early. Rather than kicking around Ben-Gurion, Mrs Parks decided to head for her hotel, take a shower and rest a bit. Finds a bus marked "Jerusalem", reckons that she'll take a cab from the central bus station to the King David hotel. But what, lo aleynu, she's picked the bus on the route Bnei B'rak, Ben Gurion, Kiryat Sefer, Beitar Illit straight to Mea Shearim.
Driver says "sorry lady you'll have to ride in the back"
Mrs Parks says "I'm not going through all this again at my age". heads back to the Pan-Am desk and says "remember me, I just arrived? Well I'm going back on the same plane"

Like I say, satire.


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