Monday, September 18, 2006

I've filled in one hole

One of the holes that I've been carrying around, if one can carry a hole, has now been filled in. Yes, I have finally seen Jethro Tull in concert. Actually, to be honest it wasn't Jethro Tull, as Martin Barre didn't play, but Ian Anderson put on a show worthy of the glorious tradition of Tull.
Updated versions of "Living in the past", "Thick as a brick", "Mother Goose", and a totally worked over "Aqualung" mingled with newer, and even unrecorded material, and the encore was a rousing "Locomotive breath" - could it have been anything else? Sometimes the snorts that emerged from the nostrils were overdone, and the "trouble and strife" didn't appreciate them, especially at the end of "Bouree".

Now all I have to do is see the Stones, the Who, Kiss, Sabbath, Priest, not to mention Doors, Led Zep, Hendrix, the Dead, T.Rex, and the Flying Burrito Brothers (notice I didn't mention Purple, as they were a let down, or the Pistols who I saw in 1977, honest, and Queen who I saw in 1974), and I'll have filled in the rest of the holes.


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