Monday, September 11, 2006

Dear Everybody

Attached is a link to a book I came across while looking for details about the grave of G. Finklestein. (Saving Private Finklestein)

I haven't actually read it yet, only ordered it today in fact. In any case the proceeds go to the aid of a family who were victims of a terror attack, so if anyone else wants to know more, please contact Jay Shapiro either at

Now a question – can anyone find time to go to Jerusalem military cemetery on Mt. Herzl and photograph there the 7 graves (in fact 3 graves and 4 special memorials) to the parachutists from Eretz Israel ("Operation Amsterdam")?
(Please pass the photo's to me and I'll pass them on as I know the "direct line" to the researcher in question)

Volunteers please note, I'll be making a round of 'phone calls in the next few days, so if you have any progress that got "stuck" then now's the time to "unstick" it.

The Jerusalem Post article got delayed by the war, but publication has been promised "round about the Holidays".

Asher Thompson


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